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Shipping with Scarbrough

Global Trade/International Shipping Training at your Fingertips

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Feb 19, 2020

Learn from International Bank and International Shipping exports to find out how to increase international sales and finance foreign buyers through Letters of Credit. 

  • What are letters of credit?
  • How do they work?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Can I trust I will get paid?
  • What is the “scale of risk”?

This podcast is...

Feb 19, 2020

This is a basic training of domestic trucking, transportation and shipping across the United States.  Learn the basics of domestic transportation and apply it to the global shipping world. Topics include:

  • Types of drivers
  • Types of equipment
  • Trucking terms
  • Common LTL assessorial
  • How to classify 
  • Shipping Requirements

Feb 19, 2020

If you have a manufacturing operation in Mexico, this training is a MUST. Join us with Customs law experts, the Zisser Group and US/Mexico Customs Broker, Scarbrough, as we learn about the Top risk areas when doing business in Mexico.  Topics include:

  • Top 15 risk areas
  • Data evaluation
  • Identify & quantify the errors

Feb 19, 2020

Join us with Licensed U.S. Customs brokers and Global Trade Experts to learn about U.S. Customs exams processed on U.S. imports at ports of entry including border crossings. Our experts give a quick rundown on how U.S. Customs exams work and how to avoid them in the future, then open up for a Q&A Session. Visit